Hohe Erwartungen (1988)

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Hohe Erwartungen: Directed by Mike Leigh. With Phil Davis, Ruth Sheen, Edna Doré, Philip Jackson. The life of a working class couple living in London and their complicated relationships with other members of the family.

“A seemingly quaint period piece that articulates eternal issues. All the characters are so real I wondered if they were based on people I know, as I lived near to kings cross at that time. I now realise these characters are modern archetypes. Did mike Leigh invent the archetypes? The film making itself is so understated that I wondered if I was watching reality TV! The device of the opening character , to lead us into the lives of these characters is a stroke of genius! I always approach Leighs films thinking u0026#39;worthy but boringu0026#39;, but time and again he has me crying and laughing and everything in-between. This film will only get better with time.”


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