Los últimos cristeros (2011)

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Los últimos cristeros: Directed by Matias Meyer. The plot occurs around 1925 in Mexico when the Mexican government decides to severely restrict religious freedoms. It is the story of a few rebels, The Cristeros that fight for the right to freely and publicly practice their Catholic faith. The movie follows a few of those rebels with their doubts and their struggles. The movie is loosely based on true historical facts.

“A truly tedious exercise, this film follows a ragtag group of armed, persecuted Christians, as they meander through the countryside. Their persecution isnu0026#39;t depicted on screen, except for an occasional bullet flying out of nowhere. These Christians are very rough characters and their repartee is far from scintillating. The film can hardly be said to have a story or any serious acting. There are some good shots of pastoral locations, which is why I didnu0026#39;t give this a lower rating. Still, with few thoughts, few events and few characters, I think it would take more than some good shots to salvage this work, although I confess Iu0026#39;m at a loss to say what might have done the trick. I was astonished when I saw the runtime listed–I could have sworn it had lasted a good three hours.”


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