Animus – The New Maneater (2013)

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Animus – The New Maneater: Directed by Quin Davis. With Megan Davis, Caitlin Singer, Cuffs, Brandon Lee Pittman. Hoping to find proof of the paranormal, five film students set out to document the legendary Copper Queen Hospital. But as the sun goes down, they experience something far worse than they ever could have imagined and they find themselves pursued by a blood thirsty maniac.

“Stupid ass movie. The only thing it had going was it killed the asshole boyfriends off in a good way. The only thing that could have given this movie 3 stars would be some nudity. They pushed the well developed girlu0026#39;s breast throughout but never gave us a glimpse. Basically this is a total waste of 90 minutes. Run away from this one”


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