Down Mexico Way (1941)

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Down Mexico Way: Directed by Joseph Santley. With Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Fay McKenzie, Harold Huber. After the bad guys swindle the good folk of Sage City, Gene and Frog chase them to Mexico where they are now trying to rob a rich Mexican ranchero.

“I usually limit my B westerns comments to Hopalong Cassidy films, but I watched this one right after I watched u0026quot;Wide Open Townu0026quot; (which was not a great Hoppy film, but still far superior to this film). None of the B westerns are known for a high degree of realism, but a certain degree of realism could have been easily achieved in this film (as well as other Autrey films, Roy Rogers films, etc.) without hurting the plot or the enjoyment of the movie. In one scene, Gene asks the Mexican police (who are riding motorcycles) how he could catch up with the baddies, who have a head-start in a car. The police tell him about a shortcut through the hills. Gene then takes off aboard Champion, leading the police in the chase! He doesnu0026#39;t even know exactly where the shortcut is, yet he (on a horse no less), outdistances police who are familiar with the shortcut u0026amp; are riding motorcycles, amazing! He ends up jumping from a 20 foot high boulder into a car speeding along a road at 40 miles per hour, u0026amp; of course lands right in the back seat without so much as a bump or a scratch. Superman has no advantages over this cowboy! When I was a kid, I just knew I liked Hoppy better than Gene or Roy, but couldnu0026#39;t explain why. Ironically, despite the lack of realism, this is probably the best Gene Autrey film Iu0026#39;ve seen, so if Geneu0026#39;s a favorite of yours, this is a relatively good one. I rate it 5/10.”


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