Ping Pong Summer (2014)

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Ping Pong Summer: Directed by Michael Tully. With Marcello Conte, Robert Hambury, Helena May Seabrook, John Hannah. A family vacation during the summer of 1985 changes everything for a teenage boy obsessed with ping pong.

“The premise was great. Having grown up in the 80u0026#39;s, when I saw the description I had to watch this movie. The first five minutes really got my hopes up. I love nostalgia and the film was spot on as the director shot it through a mid 80u0026#39;s camera lens. Except for the 1989 police car, (horrible choice) everything was authentic for the most part. But the plot was too formulaic. Too many movie clichés. However, there were some funny moments. This film is only worth watching due to the fact that thereu0026#39;s a shortage of new 80u0026#39;s nostalgia films like this. Because itu0026#39;s seen through the eyes of a young teen male, it might only be enjoyable for a guy in his forties today as he might be able to reminisce of his 80u0026#39;s childhood through the film.”


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