King Fu – Seine Fäuste zucken wie Blitze (1973)

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King Fu – Seine Fäuste zucken wie Blitze: Directed by Meng-Hua Ho. With Feng Ku, Ping Chen, Hsieh Wang, Wei-Tu Lin. This unique experiment casts Ku Feng, one of Shaws’ finest actors, as a hyper-realistic Huang Fei-hung — the greatest character in martial arts movie history. The result is both action-packed and fascinating.

“Minor but well-mounted Shaw Brothers production based on the exploits of Wong Fei-hung, the turn-of-the-century kung-fu instructor/acupuncturist/Cantonese folk hero. (Liu Chia-liang later directed two Shaw films–u0026quot;Challenge of the Mastersu0026quot; and u0026quot;Martial Clubu0026quot;–with the young Wong Fei-hung as the central character, but u0026quot;The Master of Kung-Fuu0026quot; is about Wong as an adult.) Here heu0026#39;s played by Hong Kongu0026#39;s greatest character actor, Ku Feng (youu0026#39;ve seen him in everything from u0026quot;The One-Armed Swordsmanu0026quot; to u0026quot;The Heroic Onesu0026quot; to u0026quot;Bruce Leu0026#39;s Greatest Revengeu0026quot;), and this role gives Ku the relatively rare opportunity to show off his considerable fighting skills–both barehanded and with a three-sectional staff. The plot revolves around stolen jade ornaments and an attempt to frame Wong Fei-hung for the murder of a fellow kung-fu teacher, a hot-tempered man who had argued with Wong. Beautiful attention to period detail and, of course, great fight choreography by Yuan Hsiang-jen and Yuen Woo-ping–but you shouldnu0026#39;t expect a lot of bloodshed, since Wong strove to avoid killing or seriously injuring his opponents! A compilation of fight scenes from u0026quot;The Master of Kung-Fuu0026quot; is available on YouTube.”


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