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Neron: Directed by Mitesh Kumar Patel, Sam Son. With Kacey Clarke, Eric Roberts, Caite Upton, Mykel Shannon Jenkins. New mom battles the evil lurking within as her adulterous husband hides a dark secret that may lead to the human extinction.

“The rating on this movie is completely misleading donu0026#39;t waste your time. Predictable and bad writing on a shoestring budget modelled after The Omen or Rosemaryu0026#39;s Baby if some teenagers wanted to remake one of those movies with their dadu0026#39;s digital camera. Why Eric Roberts would agree to be associated with a project like this is beyond me. If you want more reviews of this movie check out the movie u0026#39;Child of Satanu0026#39;which is exactly the same movie with a different title (And a more accurate IMDb rating) This seems like a ploy from some of the film makers to game the ratings system to generate interest in their bad movie…over 41% of the reviewers gave it a ten? And the average female rated this a 9.7? Not in a million years… Consider yourself warned…”


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