You're Invited: The Making of Night of the Demons (2014)

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You’re Invited: The Making of Night of the Demons: Directed by Aine Leicht. With Alvin Alexis, Joe Augustyn, Allison Barron, Lance Fenton. Retrospective documentary on the making of the low-budget horror cult favorite Night of the Demons (1988).

“Everyone whou0026#39;s complaining that theyu0026#39;re too much story and not enough scares, are you kidding? Story and character is the reason why we care about the stakes-thatu0026#39;s where drama, tension and horror comes from. If it was all jump scares and lacking in story (the movie Winchester comes to mind), I guarantee yu0026#39;all wouldu0026#39;ve been even more disappointed. But if thatu0026#39;s your thing, youu0026#39;ll probably be just as entertained by a jack in the box. While remaining faithful to the Conjuring universe, I appreciated that this third movie explored new territory so it wasnu0026#39;t just a repeat. It is a quality addition to the series with good production value, and much more thoughtfully-written than the spin offs. Itu0026#39;s a win for what it is considering the impossible task the writer and the director had of pleasing all these harsh fans who couldnu0026#39;t even tell you what they liked about the first two conjuring movies other than u0026quot;it was scary.u0026quot;”


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