Donald Strachey: Und du bist raus! (TV Movie 2005)

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Donald Strachey: Und du bist raus!: Directed by Ron Oliver. With Chad Allen, Sebastian Spence, Jack Wetherall, Woody Jeffreys. A gay detective is hired to find who has been been threatening a notorious member of the gay community noted for outing people.

“Well done movie, with some great acting. This movie, will keep viewers on the edge of their seat for part of the movie, first time through. Youu0026#39;ll want to view it a second time, to pick up a few more clues, and just plain out enjoy the acting. I felt that the content of the u0026#39;publisheru0026#39; in the story could have been just about anything controversial. It was about outing men that appear to only be straight in society. If it was not so u0026quot;push the gay envelope, to appear normalu0026quot; I would have enjoyed it more, and would have rated it 10 stars/excellent. The lead actor is gay, and he and his lover do a great job as showing gay men, as everyday normal people. Everyone will love that, straights/gays alike. I now look forward to the next film … Shock to the System.”


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