Steel Arena (1973)

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Steel Arena: Directed by Mark L. Lester. With Dusty Russell, Buddy Love, Gene Drew, Dutch Schnitzer. Dusty Russell shows off his talent as the greatest daredevil on the circuit. Later, he awaits the biggest challenge of his career.

“Steel Arena is truly a one of a kind film. It is the only film I can recall seeing where all of the actors do their own stunts and these are truly death-defying stunts! Dusty Russell, Buddy Love, theyu0026#39;re all great! The film is about Dusty a great stunt driver taking a job with the Circus of Death along with his friend Buddy Love. Crash (another stunt performer) gets jealous and tries to undermine Dusty in his stunts. The movie has an open-end where Dusty tries to break a world record by diving 100 feet in his car! You should try to rent it if you want to find out what happens. This movie is a masterpiece.”


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