Without Charity (2013)

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Without Charity: Directed by Paul G. Lyzun. With Tracey Bope, Mischell Browning, Scott Duerring, Jerry Ganger. This is the story of a small Indiana town, a robbery that turned for the worse, the murders of three innocent construction workers, and the trial that followed. It is an account of a young woman named Charity Payne who would become the focal point of a small town’s frustration with the criminal justice system. What caused this young woman to become involved in such horrible circumstances? Who were the three victims? What impact did it have on a small rural Indiana town? This film explores the crimes and asks the question: Without Charity, would these crimes have taken place?

“I am sorry for the families that lost a husband, father or else. But this families just hate, blame her and the world for everything thatu0026#39;s bad now. They should be ashamed. Most people are very stupid and judge people on information from the media. Medias do not sell good news. Only with bad news theyu0026#39;ll make big money.”


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