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Adira: Directed by Irene Delmonte, Bradley J. Lincoln. With Andrea Fantauzzi, Seth Andrew Macchi, Jeffrey Staab, Christie Courville. During the Holocaust, a young Jewish girl flees from the grasp of the Gestapo and finds herself stranded on an abandoned farm.

“What apparently most reviews here miss is the entire point of the unique subtlety with which this version of a Holocaust tale is told….and the Jewish flavor to tread the well-worn path of Holocaust tragedies. Some religious females wear wigs, which is why her hair looks the same for months! Also, the movie folks intentionally did not wish to be bound to the de rigger authenticity of one becoming dirty u0026amp; tattered after living in the woods for months. If we understand u0026amp; accept their craft, we are relieved to absorb the story, the characters and the humanity therein. The tale becomes hauntingly etherial, while not totally lacking in the brutality perpetrated in 85 million ways during WWII. Health of our society is benefitted through the repeating of stories reminding us of what we are capable of becoming, so we can re-set our brains to resist any such malevolence. The character performances are a bit stilted which I believe is quite intentional in order to allow the salient meanings to rise to the surface without being mired in the weeds of traditional filmmaking.”


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