Premiere des Schreckens (1994)

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Premiere des Schreckens: Directed by Bryan Michael Stoller. With Crystal Owens, David Christensen, Julie Horvath, Anne Howard. In the tradition of great Hollywood psychological thrillers, comes Turn of the Blade. Married photographer, Sam Peyton has a brief but dangerous affair with Wendy Manning, a beautiful dare-devil helicopter pilot. After walking away from Wendy, Sam finds her obsession with him is turning his life into a living nightmare, as she stalks him from the skies.

“In L.A., struggling actress Kelly Deer is married to professional photographer Sam Peyton. A land developer has his helicopter pilot niece Wendy Manning fly Sam around to take aerial pictures. Wendy and Sam make out but he stops when Kelly calls. Kelly has a new movie but the nudity divides her relationship. She gets threatening calls. She quits the film after dealing with the creepy producers. Wendy keeps stalking Sam. There are also flashbacks with Wendy and her husband John Manning. When Kelly gets stab after the prop knife gets switched, the mute janitor Hugo is suspected but there is no evidence.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe actors are all B-level and nobody actually exceeds that level. The production is even worst. There is a mystery in the unlikely event that anybody cares. Itu0026#39;s a mess but the mystery is a little interest in the final act with several twists. This is mostly about busty ladies but itu0026#39;s not good even with massively lowered expectations.”


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