Viva Knievel – Der Tod springt mit (1977)

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Viva Knievel – Der Tod springt mit: Directed by Gordon Douglas. With Evel Knievel, Gene Kelly, Lauren Hutton, Red Buttons. He’s powered his Harley over cars, trucks, lions, infernos and plummeted headlong into a canyon. But if the mob has its way, his next incredible leap will land him six feet under.

“Viva Knievel has to be one of the worst movies ever made. But like like Plan 9 From Outer Space, it is so bad that it makes for a hilarious night. If you like bad movies, this is a must see. In the film Knievel is presented as some sort of cross between Elvis and Jesus. One scene at the front of the film even has Evel seeming to heal crippled children by presenting them with Evel Knievel model kits. Heu0026#39;s shown as being a beacon of hope in a dark world, yet heu0026#39;s also shown nearly threatening the life of Red Buttonu0026#39;s character because Red hasnu0026#39;t paid him his money yet. By the way, how on Earth did people like Red Buttons, Gene Kelly, Lauren Hutton, and Leslie Nielson end up in this turkey?!? If you canu0026#39;t appreciate an incredibly bad movie, stay as far away as you can!”


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