Thor: The Dark Kingdom (2013)

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Thor: The Dark Kingdom: Directed by Alan Taylor. With Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins. When the Dark Elves attempt to plunge the universe into darkness, Thor must embark on a perilous and personal journey that will reunite him with doctor Jane Foster.

“Honestly, Thor was never my favorite superhero. I liked the first film, but did not make much enthusiasm, and in u0026quot;Avengersu0026quot; all my sympathies were given to Tony Stark. Therefore, u0026quot;Torah 2u0026quot; I waited without much trembling. And if it were not for my love for the Marvel franchise and not the prerequisite on which I managed to visit, then perhaps I would not even have gone to the movie to film … And I would have lost much! u0026quot;Thor 2u0026quot; was just an excellent, incredibly exciting movie adventure. Unequivocally I can say that this film-sequel I liked much more than the first u0026quot;Thoru0026quot;. The creators of the picture made a serious work on the mistakes, took into account many shortcomings of previous films and significantly raised the level of quality.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eIn general, I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised. And now I will try to briefly describe my impressions, to reveal the pros and cons of this film.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003e1. A fascinating and rather original story. u0026quot;Thor 2u0026quot; is a film with a completely new, separate narrative. Formally, it is the continuation of the first u0026quot;Torusu0026quot; and u0026quot;Avengersu0026quot;, although the main storylines with these films are not connected in any way. Describe the story – itu0026#39;s a thankless task, a great chance to give undesirable details. Therefore, I will confine myself to general remarks. Firstly, it is very gratifying that the plot of the film does not develop according to the scenario of the u0026quot;Renaissance of the Legendu0026quot;, according to which, judging by everything, practically all the fantastic films released in the last year were shot. Secondly, itu0026#39;s worth to praise the writers for the fact that the action develops systematically, powerful action scenes alternate with lyrical digressions and small humorous insertions – thatu0026#39;s why the film keeps the vieweru0026#39;s attention for all two hours. Thirdly, I am glad that the film will not be delayed: everything is lively, bodrenko and laconic. Well, the last moment, which I wanted to comment on is the ending. For most viewers, it turned out to be very unexpected. As for the inconsistencies and some logical blunders, their presence seems inevitable for almost every fantastic film. Besides, in Torah 2 there are not so many of them (in comparison with the first film, at least).n2. Excellent graphics and special effects. Life in the 21st century taught me not to be surprised at anything. I do not know what special effects need to be invented so that in the current conditions they make a special impression. Therefore, u0026quot;Torah 2u0026quot; Iu0026#39;m not going to consider from the point of view of sensationalism and some novelty. Of course, if I had seen a schedule of this level even five years ago, then it is quite possible that I would lose my speech. Today, this film is just dignified. All special effects are well worked out. From this position, this picture can be safely put on a par with the same u0026quot;Man of Steelu0026quot;, for example. There are, of course, individual details that looked excessively computerized and slightly unnatural, although for fiction it is forgivable. Of course, this tape is worth watching in 3D format, so as to maximize the effect of presence.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003e3. Beauty! What not to take away from this film, so this is a beautiful picture. And for each viewer the understanding of this beauty will be very special. For example, the male half of the hall was fascinated by the unrealistically divine views of Asgard and really spectacular mass scenes. Their companions were much more interested in Thor himself, or even his material shell, which he actively demonstrated. Undoubtedly, all spectators, regardless of their gender and other characteristics, appreciated the beauty of the night sky, stars, incredible nature and architecture, which is abundantly presented throughout the film. A beautiful picture is accompanied by good music, which has already become quite traditional for the genre of fiction.n4. Friendly cast. After the u0026quot;Avengersu0026quot;, it seemed that the actorsu0026#39; ensembles of the subsequent crossover movies Marvel would look bleak and insignificant. It is for this reason that the third u0026quot;Iron Manu0026quot; caught up with a bunch of actors who, in fact, played no special role in the development of the plot. In u0026quot;Torah 2u0026quot;, the main actoru0026#39;s skeleton was removed from the first film, and there were almost no new actors. Due to this, the screen does not create an overload in terms of unnecessary dialogues and unnecessary scenes, and the cast seems very friendly and united. Of course, the main thanks are due to Chris Hemsworth (who, incidentally, after the movie u0026quot;Raceu0026quot; has grown very much in my eyes). He easily becomes the center of the film, brilliantly copes with all the tricks, comfortably feels in the costume of Thor (which is said to be terribly uncomfortable) and perfectly interacts with other actors. In this film, he makes his character more charismatic and profound – and this can not but rejoice. Natalie Portman, of course, is good. But she practically did not show her character development. Although, of course, it should be praised for her work, because in comparison with the first film, from a purely physical point of view, it was much harder for her. Loki Tom Hiddleston continues to be one of the most disgustingly attractive villains in the fantasy world. And the rest of the actors are an excellent way to distract attention from the main characters and bring to the film a share of humor and diversity.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAlso worth noting that the film is full of u0026quot;little joysu0026quot;, calculated on a fan base. For example, very pleased with a small, but very funny cameo Chris Evans in the role of Captain America. Or already become a classic cameo by Stan Lee. There are also soul-stirring allusions to previous franchise films. And most importantly: do not forget to stay at the screen for a few minutes longer! You are waiting for two additional episodes: the first – after the incredibly colorful final titles, the second – after the usual basic titles. Both episodes are very interesting and directly lay the path to the next film Marvel … (personally my rating of expectations after these episodes at times increased).nTOTAL. u0026quot;Thor 2u0026quot; is a spectacle that keeps the viewer in suspense from the first to the last seconds. Bright, colorful, saturated, dramatic and even quite unusual, moderately tragic and moderately ridiculous fantastic action, which is absolutely not a pity to spend two hours of free time. This is a solid and high-quality product, which you can safely forgive some plot flaws and inconsistencies. u0026quot;Thor 2u0026quot; – perhaps one of the best fantastic films of the year and one of the most worthy sequels for this genre.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eUnexpected, very nice gift. A real surprise for fans of fantasy and specifically the magnificent Marvel franchise, which, apparently, only gaining momentum …u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eEnjoy watching!”


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