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iHuman: Directed by Tonje Hessen Schei. With Max Tegmark, Zeynep Tüfekçi, Elenore Pauwels, Ben Goertzel. The documentary follows the booming artificial intelligence industry, what opportunities and challenges it brings and its impact on the global community.

“Entertaining and engaging documentary. Comes at this topic more from the angle of what could be, and is, the negative impact of data harvesting and analysis etc. The way it is edited ironically suggests a certain bias, as the extremes of AI and algorithms are shown as Brexit, Trump, Bolsanaro etc. But it provides no smoking gun and ignores the fact that the big tech companies and employees who create these algorithms tilt more to the left. So while 3rd parties manipulating the model to incite u0026quot;right wingu0026quot; movements is certainly there for debate, it does little to touch on the broader topic of the bias of the algorithm designers themselves. I liked and enjoyed watching it, and recommend it, but it does itself illustrate the difficulty of avoiding bias.”


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