Rebell in Turnschuhen (2006)

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Rebell in Turnschuhen: Directed by Jessica Bendinger. With Jeff Bridges, Missy Peregrym, Vanessa Lengies, Nikki SooHoo. After a run-in with the law, Haley Graham (Missy Peregrym) is forced to return to the world from which she fled some years ago. Enrolled in an elite gymnastics program run by the legendary Burt Vickerman (Jeff Bridges), Haley’s rebellious attitude gives way to something that just might be called team spirit.

“Stick it was not what I expected it to be. I always go into movies with high expectation and sometimes get disappointed. However, I was not at all disappointed with Stick it. It simply took a completely different approach than I thought it would. Many of the one liners or mocking done my the mischievous Haley(Missy Peregrym) made me laugh until I hit the next one. In many movies with rebels as main characters they go too far with their inability to follow rules or show respect to the point that the audience ends up hating them. In stick it, this most definitely was not the case. Haley is so funny and witty and just plain fun to watch that sheu0026#39;d have to kill her family and eat them to get you to hate her. Even then I think I might still enjoy watching it considering the mother is quite easily despised in this movie. The acting was good and the characters you were supposed to hate you hated and the characters you were supposed to like you liked. I think thatu0026#39;s very important. Some of the relationships werenu0026#39;t satisfying enough and some parts had no point. For example when a boy points out to his friend that the girl heu0026#39;s planning to take to the prom is u0026quot;a bitchu0026quot; when sheu0026#39;s standing right there. It was basically bring it on with an edge. Overall I think itu0026#39;s definitely worth going to see in theaters.”


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