Richard the Lionheart – Der König von England (2013)

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Richard the Lionheart – Der König von England: Directed by Stefano Milla. With Greg Maness, Burton Perez, Malcolm McDowell, Stewart Arnold. King Henry II tests the loyalty and honor of his son Richard sending him to a hellish prison. In prison Richard must fight against adversaries representing the virtues of a knight.

“I enjoy watching period pieces, but this one was hard to get through. Poor acting, especially in the fighting scenes. The storyline was unclear and contrived. Some scenes seem to have been added for gratuitous reasons, such as love scenes. They can add to some stories, but in this movie, they were out of place. It took a long time to understand where the story was going. The audio quality was not very good and I imagine it was due to dubbing. Like another poster, I should have stopped it about twenty minutes in. However, I thought it would get better, which it didnu0026#39;t. Malcolm McDowellu0026#39;s talents were wasted on this piece.”


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