Das Mondkalb (1966)

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Das Mondkalb: Directed by Gordon Douglas. With Jerry Lewis, Connie Stevens, Robert Morley, Dennis Weaver. In a futuristic world, the USA decides to send a married couple of astronauts to its moon base in order to prevent any improper contact with the Soviet female cosmonauts manning the USSR moon base.

“u0026quot;Austin Powersu0026quot; spoofed spy films of the sixties and this film is somewhat in that vein except u0026quot;Way… Way Outu0026quot; was made from a sixties perspective, not a nineties perspective. Also, this film spoofed a sacred cow, the space program (Disneyu0026#39;s u0026quot;Moon Pilotu0026quot; in 1962 covered much of this territory already and if you like one youu0026#39;ll probably like the other…though very few people have heard of either). Any fan of the sixties will recognize likeable Brian Keith (he also starred in u0026quot;Moon Pilotu0026quot;), sophisticated Robert Morley, leggy bombshell Anita Ekberg, frumpy character actor Milton Frome, studly James Brolin, wacky Howard Morris, even wackier Dick Shawn, and forever Chester, Dennis Weaver. Jerry Lewis of course is the star and delicious Connie Stevens (who Jerry introduced in the must superior u0026quot;Rock-a-Bye Babyu0026quot;) is the eye candy. By todayu0026#39;s standards one might consider the casting of the actresses for their physical attributes a bit sexist (like that doesnu0026#39;t happen today) but this is a physical comedy and placing Connie Stevens among a group of men (men always have sex on their mind donu0026#39;t you know) is not really all that sexist (at least not for the women). Connie Stevens success has been that sheu0026#39;s a good comedian too. Some of the comedy is Benny Hill style (or u0026quot;Austin Powersu0026quot;) but not crude like contemporary films u0026quot;Something About Maryu0026quot; or u0026quot;Scary Movie.u0026quot;”


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