KL24: Zombies (2017)

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KL24: Zombies: Directed by James Lee, Shamaine Othman, Gavin Yap. With Sharifah Amani, Azman Hassan, Pete Teo, Joseph Germani. A flu infection has taken over KL city which turns into a zombie outbreak, the movie follows threes intersecting stories of the survivors fleeing for safety as KL has fallen.

“Critics are trashing this film, I went into it skeptical. After, Iu0026#39;m not so sure why. They tell a simplified story of the events leading up to, and eventually the battle of midway. You get to see two sides of life, the Japanese and the American forces. The script is fine, acting is pretty good in my opinion as well (shout out to Dennis Quaid, he is a great salty kinda guy). CGI was not that bad, especially for fast paced scenes. Only complaint is it is a bit long, which I understand due to how much they wanted to include. But there were 2-3 times I thought it might end, but there were still a few minutes left. In the end, a solid war movie that, in my opinion, does a great job showing some brutality of war, in addition to brothership and slice of life of the time. A solid film to honor the brave men and women that died for a better future.”


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