Sofía Niño de Rivera: Selección natural (TV Special 2018)

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Sofía Niño de Rivera: Selección natural: Directed by Raúl Campos, Jan Suter. With Sofia Niño de Rivera. Stand-up about couple’s relationships from the perspective of an open mind really funny girl.

“Iu0026#39;m still searching for a Spanish speaking stand-up comedian that will get me in tears. Sofia Niño de Rivera isnu0026#39;t bad though, saw much worse Spanish comedians, but her show wasnu0026#39;t hilarious either. Overal itu0026#39;s a good show, filled with slightly sarcastic jokes, brought well in a very big venue (donu0026#39;t know if thatu0026#39;s really an advantage for stand-up comedies). I thought her show needs a faster pace, she talks to slowly, like sheu0026#39;s trying to remember stuff. In my humble opinion I think a faster and more gestual approach would work better. But I donu0026#39;t regret watching it, not at all, itu0026#39;s was a pleasant hour of entertainment, but it probably works better for Spanish speaking people.”


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