Ting Lu – Der grausame Tiger (1973)

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Ting Lu – Der grausame Tiger: Directed by Wu Ma. With Fei Meng, Lin-Lin Li, Chi Lin, Stanley Sui-Fan Fung. Young Tiger, a martial artist in modern-day Hong Kong, fights a braggart in a martial-arts studio and defeats him. He later witnesses the braggart getting beaten up by a gang of thugs. After entering the fight, he gets knocked out and his friend gets killed. The thugs frame him for the murder, and the police soon arrest him. Young Tiger escapes prison during interrogation, then decides to find and fight the thugs’ gangster boss while evading police who are looking for him.

“This movie is good. I mean real good. Holy Lord, if you only see one film this year, make it this one. Now I donu0026#39;t like to blaspheme, but Jesus H Christ how this film did not sweep the 1974 Academy Awards I do not know. I award this film 5 giant face moles out of 5.”


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