Das Geheimnis des blinden Meisters (1978)

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Das Geheimnis des blinden Meisters: Directed by Richard Moore. With David Carradine, Jeff Cooper, Christopher Lee, Roddy McDowall. A young martial artist embarks on an adventure, encountering other martial artists in battle until one day he meets an aging blind man who will show him the true meaning of martial arts and life.

“this is a mystically inclined adventurous journey of the meaning to life having purpose and fullfillment based on helping one another find the way to enlightenment,which the teacher(the blind man),and the student/venturer of meaning(cord)do. they use their opposite individualities to conjure up a unique and unforgettable partnership,which eventually becomes a true friendship at the end which is the result of understanding each other better and allowing each otheru0026#39;s contrasting views to coincide to develop into the unique zenforce/fighting team that they become. the scenic background is a desert based atmosphere,whether itu0026#39;s israel or palestine.this type of setting coupled with the compelling music make this a landscape monument for the uniquely inclined deeper striver of zen/buddhism and enlightenment. like otheru0026#39;s on imdb have mentioned,this is not a typical bloodsport,kickboxer or streetfighter type of flick.itu0026#39;s a picture that illustrates and exemplifies a deeper meaning to the journey one has with fullfilling theyu0026#39;re search for martial arts based enlightenment. must be seen several times to really understand.unless youu0026#39;re a good listener and attentive viewer you wont appreciate it enough the first time you check it out.thatu0026#39;s why i recommend that you watch it at least twice.once for yourself and the other time with a friend. for itu0026#39;s creativity and deeper meaning of martial arts based enlightenment i give this one a 9/10 rating.”


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