Haunting of the Innocent – Die Wurzeln des Schreckens (2014)

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Haunting of the Innocent – Die Wurzeln des Schreckens: Directed by Matt Hish. With Rib Hillis, Jessica Morris, Hannah Cowley, Neil Dickson. Tom and Brenda have the perfect life but when Brenda is violently attacked in the comfort of their home, their perfect lives are thrown into chaos and fear.

“First sign of cheap are no subtitles. Second sign are opening scenes from an overhead or aerial view of car driving on road and either countryside or city. Third sign is the ubiquitous raven that seems to show up every where – perched here, perched there and of course at the end. What it means – who knows. Now if it was filmed on the west coast it would be a crow then that would mean looking for scraps like a flying rat. Fourth sign is overbearing sound effects and music. Fifth sign is the u0026quot;mysterious womanu0026quot; who suddenly shows up in the background and sometimes jumps to show up in the next scene foreground. Trite, boring, overused. Sixth sign are the townsfolk – not quite sure about them, we are. Especially when one of them says u0026quot;Get out while you can!u0026quot; then coughs up black blood. Seventh sign are the high pitched sounds that seem to effect certain brains. As for the movie – someone dies and the townsfolk are in on it and it has something to do with Viking spirits from long ago or something.”


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