The Congressman (2016)

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The Congressman: Directed by Jared Martin, Robert J. Mrazek. With Treat Williams, Elizabeth Marvel, Ryan Merriman, Chris Conroy. A determined Congressman, unswayed by political betrayal, a vicious media attack and a recent divorce, strives to maintain his dignity and protect a small fishing village from commercial corruption.

“35 years ago Robert Mrazek was quoted as saying that a successful screen play should contain a lot of sex and violence or else be u0026quot;damned good.u0026quot; The latter is the case with u0026quot;The Congressman,u0026quot; his long-awaited cinematic debut. The violence in u0026quot;The Congressmanu0026quot; is subtle, the sexuality implied. Mrazek doesnu0026#39;t preach at us as Sorkin might have. He transforms character flaws into cautionary tales, he tells us what can happen in life if we value our own integrity, say what we mean, mean what we say. Take out a few f-bombs and u0026quot;The Congressmanu0026quot; might serve as a means to teach our children and grandchildren what government service should be all about.”


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