Love Lessons (TV Movie 2000)

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Love Lessons: Directed by Douglas Barr. With Patty Duke, Ronny Cox, Max Martini, Rebecca Jenkins. An older couple discovers they are going to have a baby.

“It should be no surprise that The Divine Miss D had yet another winner last Wednesday night, even beating the Divine Miss M in the ratings. Love Lessons is a story that would probably scare the hell out of any middle aged couple….Duke and Ronny Cox find out sheu0026#39;s having a baby at 50! What Dukeu0026#39;s decision is will come at no surprise to viewers, but how they get there and paying the price for that decision are uttlerly fascinating due largely to the two performances. We can see both of their sides, so that is part of why you want to keep on watching, to see if you will finally agree with one or the other…Duke wants the baby, Cox does not. The filmu0026#39;s only problem was with some rather mindless subplots including the affair that Dukeu0026#39;s best friendu0026#39;s husband is having (On Dukeu0026#39;s and Coxu0026#39;s boat!) and an old friend of the family who has had his eye on Duke for years. Other than that you have top-rate acting, directing (from fellow actor Doug Barr, who played Jean Smartu0026#39;s hubby on Designing Women) and script. Donna Hanover, NY Mayor Gulianiu0026#39;s estranged wife also appears as Dukeu0026#39;s best friend and is also fine in her role. If only CBS had more faith and aired it on a Sunday night instead of a Wednesday, but at least they aired it during a sweeps period (like most of Dukeu0026#39;s movies). This is her best since 1997u0026#39;s A Christmas Memory. Sheu0026#39;s been around for close to 50 years now on screen…letu0026#39;s pray for fifty more!”


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