Rise of the Gargoyles (TV Movie 2009)

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Rise of the Gargoyles: Directed by Bill Corcoran. With Eric Balfour, Caroline Néron, Justin Salinger, Ifan Huw Dafydd. In Paris, two workers find a hidden chamber while digging the underground of the Saint Jean André Church. They collect the valuable objects in the spot but they are attacked by a creature. Meanwhile, the discredited Professor Jack Randall, who wrote a book about Gargoyles rejected by the experts, is encouraged by his friend Carol Beckham to peek the place out. They sneak in the site during the night and while Carol is collecting some artifacts, Jack is recording with his camera. Out of the blue, Jack sees a winged monster coming towards him and he flees from the location with Carol, but breaks his camera. They go to a bar and a huge stone falls over his car. Jack takes a cab to his boarding house and Carol is attacked and beheaded by a Gargoyle at her apartment. On the next morning, Jack identifies Carol’s body and becomes the prime suspect of Inspector Gibert of several murders. Jack decides to seek out the reporter of a sensationalist newspaper, Nicole Ricard, and gives his tape to her cameraman Walsh. When Walsh recovers the badly shaped footage, he shows Nicole and they realize that Jack is not crazy and he had seen a Gargoyle indeed in the underground of the church. They decide to return to the church to investigate.

“Stuck with writeru0026#39;s block, an American architect in Paris falls victim to a series of incidents around the city that is eventually realized to be a loosened gargoyle resurrected and running loose in the city forcing him and a reporter to find a way of stopping the creatureu0026#39;s rampage.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis one was quite an enjoyable and entertaining creature feature. One of the strongest parts here is the fact that thereu0026#39;s a lot of fun to be had with the creaturesu0026#39; history-based backstory which is quite well-detailed. Taking full advantage of the strong connections possible with the cityu0026#39;s deep connection to these creatures as well as the information given out during the visits to these locations thereu0026#39;s some nice work here of this one utilizing the strong history of gargoyles in French culture. Likewise, thereu0026#39;s a great connection with the creature here and the absolutely chilling locations found here as the main church where the action takes place is just as good with the crazy architecture coming along to give this a fine Gothic features that are highly chilling alongside the statues and depictions of other historical events that are placed around the catacombs later on which all gives this one a lot to like. That also leads into the strong action scenes which are quite fun and manage to include the usual standard Sci-Fi Channel series of attacks that range from the short, quick attacks as in the opening down in the basement, the different attacks on the lone individuals out on the city streets and the great encounter at the hotel where the chilling run-ins with the stone gargoyles before leading into the actual encounter here all being quite nice examples. In conjunction with the other rather fun longer attacks featured as a part of this as the opening attacks in the church basement, his colleagues encounter with the creature in her apartment where the creature chases her onto the rooftop for a great sequence as well as the great sequence at the TV station where they come face-to-face with it for the first time is quite the overall fun time here. As well, the finale in the catacombs makes for a gloriously fun sequence where they do battle against the creature leading to the numerous situations in the underground as well as up in the main section of the church for a blazing, high-action finale. Along with the great design and some bloody kills, thereu0026#39;s a lot to really like here. It does have a few minor flaws here, namely in the fact that thereu0026#39;s no real need for the film to go for the doubting authority to the degree it is in here, which really stretches disbelief in the way he sticks to the guilty reasoning despite the evidence about the claw showing that something inhuman is in the city limits which makes the insistence a little questionable so late into the film. As well, thereu0026#39;s the traditional flaw present in these films with some really lousy effects for the title creature, for its design is cool but shoddily rendered in the usual Sci-Fi Channel style of flaws. These here are all thatu0026#39;s really wrong here.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eRated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Language.”


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