The Black Water Vampire (2014)

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The Black Water Vampire: Directed by Evan Tramel. With Danielle Lozeau, Andrea Monier, Anthony Fanelli, Robin Steffen. A documentary film crew investigates a series of brutal killings known as the Black Water murders. As they delve deeper into the story they stumble upon a horrifying secret, one that they may not survive.

“Found footage film borrows a bit from The Blair Witch Project and just about every other in the woods film. Standard characters with requisite annoyance and singular focus on u0026quot;the projectu0026quot; without regard to common sense. The creatures have a certain creepiness to them, but that doesnu0026#39;t make a film. Townsfolk bring a minor element that adds something different to the mix, but it isnu0026#39;t enough to save the film. Okay enough if you like this type of film, but itu0026#39;s nothing new or great.”


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