Up the down staircase (1967)

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Up the down staircase: Directed by Robert Mulligan. With Sandy Dennis, Patrick Bedford, Eileen Heckart, Ruth White. The experiences of a young female English teacher in an inner-city New York high school.

“If thereu0026#39;s any movie that one can automatically associate with Sandy Dennis, u0026quot;Up the Down Staircaseu0026quot; is the one. True, she did win an Oscar for u0026quot;Whou0026#39;s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?,u0026quot; but that was mainly a Richard Burton-Elizabeth Taylor movie. I saw this one night on television sometime after her death, and became a huge fan. Actually, I think I may have seen it several times or more before, and forgot about it. I fell for everybody involved, from the late Sandy Dennis, to Bel Kaufman, to Fred Karlin, whou0026#39;s musical score is one that Iu0026#39;m lucky to possess a copy of, and is long overdue to be re-released on Compact Disc. In addition, I also gained an appreciation for people like Jean Stapelton, and Sorrell Booke, who I previously couldnu0026#39;t think of as anyone else but Edith Bunker, and Boss Hogg, respectively. Patrick Bedford, however, sounded like he was trying to be the new Cary Grant. I was almost ready for him to shout out…u0026quot;SYLVIA, SYLVIA, SYLVIA!!!u0026quot; And how about the kids? None of them went on to fame and fortune, except for But Cort, who I still canu0026#39;t spot, but a few of them (Jeff Howard, Jose Rodriguez, Maria Landa, etc.,…) had roles as extras. Itu0026#39;s also a shame that Lew Wallach, who played as Lou Martin was never on screen again. He was hilarious.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eIf you ever see a copy of this movie in a video store, pick it up. I did, and Iu0026#39;m glad.”


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