Naked Weapon (2002)

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Naked Weapon: Directed by Siu-Tung Ching. With Anya, Maggie Q, Daniel Wu, Jewel Lee. 40 13 y.o. girls are kidnapped and the next 6 years forcefully trained to be sexy assassins. The survivors go on to be top int’l assassins known as China dolls. A CIA agent’s on track of them.

“Babes killing with their bare hands after seducing a guy; what a great premise. I highly recommend this one to anyone that doesnu0026#39;t have an aversion to violence. And if youu0026#39;re worried that movie only offers sex, youu0026#39;re wrong. Actually, I think there are only a couple scenes that actually have nudity. What you get is to see very attractive women learn how to kill, practice killing, and then kill some more. Furthermore, the situations that are presented are especially memorable. The fights are also well done and they are just on the edge of believability. As for the story, this film was constantly surprising me-every time I thought I knew what would happen next, I was wrong! This movie has hot women, brutal violence and an unpredictable and engaging story. This is the best film I have seen this year.”


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