A-nae-ga kyeol-hon-haet-da (2008)

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A-nae-ga kyeol-hon-haet-da: Directed by Yun-su Chong. With Ju-hyuk Kim, Son Ye-jin, Seong-hun Cheon, Won-hong Choi. It all started with football. Deok-hoon falls in love with In-ah, who shares his love and passion for the sport. They quickly become lovers and he proposes. After her initial refusal, they are eventually happily married. Marriage is like a dream until one day In-ah declares her wish to marry another man. She doesn’t want a divorce, as she truly loves Deok-hoon but she wants to be free to love another man at the same time. Even with Deok-hoon unable to handle being the third side of a triangle, In-ah marries her new man and sets up a bizarre, polyamorous romance.

“Frankly, if you give this one a miss, your world wonu0026#39;t end. The thing with this movie is that it has a good premise, but due to some odd pacing, script and character development issues, and some thrown in and disposable themes, it doesnu0026#39;t quite seem to hit the mark. Also, it just tries too hard.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAll this is not to say that there isnu0026#39;t anything good about the movie. The direction was fine, the acting and casting were easily the strongest parts of the film, and it didnu0026#39;t feel overlong or overshort. However, these are technical merits that one should really expect from a modern movie, especially a South Korean one.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe movie doesnu0026#39;t quite seem to know what kind of film it wants to be until the end so if you have a bit of patience and curiosity, it may be worth a look, but donu0026#39;t expect too much beyond average.”


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