Bill Hicks: Reflections (Short 2015)

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Bill Hicks: Reflections: Directed by Rodrigo Pelmonto. With Steve Hicks, Bill Hicks. Stand up comedy legend ‘Bill Hicks’ is recalled by his brother, Steve, in this documentary. Steve tells the story of the family’s religious family roots, in a film that examines Hicks’ provocative public life, as well as the private side you never knew.

“Despite the fact that the lead character, Frank Murphy, may appear to be a cross between Peter Griffin and Hank Hill, this show is nothing like the shows of the aforementioned characters. u0026quot;F is for Familyu0026quot; is a brutally honest family and workplace comedy set in the early 1970s. The humor is no-holds-barred in regard to the doldrums of a lower-middle class family. Netflix does not rely on cutaway humor or awkward naiveté. Rather, Frank and his family cut close to the bone for anyone who grew up in even a remotely similar family dynamic. It would be easy to dismiss this show since so many animated family comedies have come before, but this show is worth the viewing time. At only 6 episodes, the first season ends too quickly and displays plenty of potential for continuation. Like BoJack Horseman, this show is not intended for younger audiences. Prepare to laugh, be surprised, be disheartened or even depressed, and most of all, to relate to the Murphys while viewing u0026quot;F is for Family.u0026quot;”


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