Fa nei qing (1988)

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Fa nei qing: Directed by Taylor Wong. With Andy Lau, Deannie Ip, Fui-On Shing, Kathy Chow. Orphaned lawyer Lau Chi Pang discovers his birth mother is a drug addict and accused of murdering a bad cop.

“Letu0026#39;s face it, Sly Stallone can never be a romantic actor, no matter how hard the poor guy tries. He attempted to be suave and sophisticated in this movie, THE SPECIALIST, but alas, thanks to his rough andu003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003etumble, RAMBO image, Sly fails. Maybe itu0026#39;s just his performance here, or perhaps by the others, especially Sharon Stone, Eric Roberts, and Rod Steiger (Oh God, he was a riot in this movie!). The actors mentioned probably gave their murkiest, most career-ruining roles of their lives, and for what?? The only reason why I found this movie interesting are the action sequences, and my favorite actor of all time, James Woods. Why he decided to be in a cheap flick like THE SPECIALIST is beyond me, but Woods manages to shine as the sleazeball thug who wants Slyu0026#39;s characteru0026#39;s head on a platter. Apparently, Woods was the only enthusiastic thespian that walked in this movieu0026#39;s set; about everyone else looked bored. The same goes mostly for the viewer.”


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