O Apóstolo (2012)

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O Apóstolo: Directed by Fernando Cortizo. With Carlos Blanco, Xosé Manuel Olveira ‘Pico’, Paul Naschy, Jorge Sanz. An escaped prison convict attempts to retrieve a loot hidden years ago in a lonely village. Sinister elders, strange disappearances, spirits, a peculiar priest and even the Archpriest of Santiago will cross their paths in a history of horror.

“The tale takes place in a cold winter , Galicia , Northern Spain , along Camino Santiago and everyone knows that until you reach Santiago, anything can happen . Two prison convicts , Ramon (voice by Carlos Blanco) and Xavier (Luis Tosar) escape from prison , one of them attempts to retrieve a loot hidden years ago in a lonely village . It is a thrilling as well as eerie story about a few characters , and the challenges we face while navigating this ever-spooky as well as complicated Santiago paths . It covers the pilgrim route to Santiago De Compostela where our starring meets sinister elders , weird disappearances , creepy spirits , pagan traditions are still alive , a peculiar priest , Nosferatu-alike , and even the Archpriest of Santiago (voiced by Paul Naschy or Jacinto Molina) along with his helper Pablo (Jorge Sanz) will cross their walks in a history of horror . u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis exciting story has local myths , Galician legends , here we get the folklore , traditions , history of the north of Spain and many other things . Apóstolo isnu0026#39;t only the latest animated offering from Spain, but it reflects upon Spainu0026#39;s rich history in film animation , it stands out with awesome marionettes . For some, the more recent u0026quot;Planet 51u0026quot; was considered a major landmark due to the budget size , overseas box office, and the huge technical advances it made in rapport to previous films in the genre, but the latest animated offering has since shifted plans, is a bigger, more detailed, stereoscopic 3D item that is poised to become a benchmark in the animation field. The puppets are magnificent , they create the adequate movement and are beautifully made. The story and the mood are closely inspired by the likes of Tim Burtonu0026#39;s u0026quot;The Corpse Brideu0026quot;, and even the animated dolls bear remarkable resemblance to classic muppets u0026quot;Thunderbirdsu0026quot; by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson . Voiced by a known group of Spanish actors such as Jorge Sanz as Pablo ,Geraldine Chaplin , Manuel Manquiña , Isabel Blanco , Luis Tosar who looks exactly like his role as an inmate in u0026quot;Celda 211 and special mention to Paul Naschy as the archpriest who grabs a science-fiction magazine , and in fact the cover of the magazine is a picture of Paul Naschy from a previous horror movie. Mysterious and evocative musical score from Xavier Font , Arturo Vaquero and prestigious Philip Glass . u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eDirected by newcomer Fernando Cortizo, he carries out a good and groundbreaking realization which was set to have its world premiere at Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival and Malaga Festival where achieved a lot of success . Director Fernando Cortizo chose to have the actors record their dialogue outside of a studio and on location to increase the naturalness. O Apóstolo is unlike previous films in the genre since itu0026#39;s one of the first animated films in Spain in which the target audience is for mature audiences.”


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