Die Rückkehr der Untoten – Night of the Living Dead (1990)

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Die Rückkehr der Untoten – Night of the Living Dead: Directed by Tom Savini. With Tony Todd, Patricia Tallman, Tom Towles, McKee Anderson. When the unburied dead return to life and seek human victims, seven refugees seek shelter in a house in the Pennsylvanian countryside, but the group is at odds as to how they should deal with the situation.

“Iu0026#39;m always wary of remakes of horror and science fiction classics as they are almost always inferior to the original versions, in many cases REALLY inferior. There have been a few successful and worthwhile attempts, especially John Carpenteru0026#39;s u0026#39;The Thingu0026#39; and David Cronenbergu0026#39;s spin on u0026#39;The Flyu0026#39;. Tom Saviniu0026#39;s u0026#39;Night Of The Living Deadu0026#39; is another good one. Even though Savini is a legend in the special effects world I really expected this to be awful. It wasnu0026#39;t. While not as literal as the misguided u0026#39;Psychou0026#39; remake by Gus Van Zant, Savini sticks very close to the source material, and doesnu0026#39;t mess with it as much as Carpenter or Cronenberg did. George Romero scripted, adapting his original screenplay co-written with John A. Russo, and both men co-produce. The main difference in this version, apart from obvious ones like being filmed in colour and with some more sophisticated special effects, is the expansion of the Barbara character, who is much less passive and more important to the plot. Barbara is played by Patricia Tallman who worked with Savini on Romerou0026#39;s cult favourite u0026#39;Knightridersu0026#39;. She is probably best known for her recurring role on u0026#39;Babylon 5u0026#39;. Tony Todd (u0026#39;Candymanu0026#39;) plays Ben, and is very good, and the underrated Tom Towles (u0026#39;Henry:Portrait Of a Serial Killeru0026#39;) is excellent as the slimy Harry Cooper. The scenes between the two are really strong, and add a lot to the original. I also enjoyed seeing Bill Mosley (Chop Top from u0026#39;Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2u0026#39;) playing Barbarau0026#39;s brother Johnny in the opening sequence. My only real gripe about the movie is the surprising lack of gore, and also the new ending which to me is nowhere near as good as the original. Apart from that it is much better than I expected, and I highly recommended it to anyone who enjoys Romerou0026#39;s u0026quot;Deadu0026quot; trilogy.”


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