Red Flag (2012)

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Red Flag: Directed by Alex Karpovsky. With Dustin Guy Defa, Alex Karpovsky, Keith Poulson, Jennifer Prediger. In this hilarious road trip comedy, a newly single filmmaker (Alex Karpovsky, “Girls”) hits the road with an old friend to promote one of his films, but romantic chaos ensues when an adoring fan decides to come along for the ride.

“Red Flag is a wry, sardonic look at love, friendship, depression and failure told from the vantage point of a struggling filmmaker whou0026#39;s lost, wandering around the Southern United States on a screening tour thatu0026#39;s largely attended by elderly cinefiles. Karpovsky offers us a small, humble yet whip smart and hilarious little dirge thatu0026#39;s a mixture between The Puffy Couch and The Death of Ivan Ilyich. It features a cameos from a plethora of indie actors and filmmakers and is shot in a minimal, naturalistic way that accentuates the beauty and simplicity of the story and itu0026#39;s characters. There are clearly autobiographical themes throughout the film, and itu0026#39;s an enlightening and honest portrayal of a starving artist whou0026#39;s struggling with many issues in his day or day life.”


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