Xiao Hua Gui Yi Shi Jian (2013)

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Xiao Hua Gui Yi Shi Jian: Directed by David Kuan. With Meixing Chen, Qianqian Kong, Yi Wang, Wenbin Zhai. One evening, a student was walking alone at his campus, she saw a girl in school uniform walking in front of her, she try to call her, the girls turned her face, and what she saw is a strange old woman’s face!. Since then, all student encounter a lot of strange events that might have something to do with the campus’s history. What’s happening actually?

“So … yes… that was interesting …nOk so it is not an awesome horror movie with a lot of scares etc but it was not that bad actually… I had fun watching it! It had some mystery in it. Some small scares and it keeps you interested. Ok the acting is not the best also but is not the worse you have seen I suppose. Another problem is the script. It has some weird holes in it but ok it all makes sense in the end.nSo there is a girl who is a student and goes to stay at a hotel. The keepers of the hotel are really weird and shady people, who act really suspicious. She was told that the hotel was full but it doesnu0026#39;t really seem as that. Weird things start to happen during the night and she is not sure if they are real or if she is just dreaming about them. But what is the real story behind everything? Can there be something else behind all of these events?nOverall it is a mediocre movie, but it was fun for me to watch!”


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