Die Wegelagerer (1968)

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Die Wegelagerer: Directed by Lesley Selander. With Howard Keel, Yvonne De Carlo, John Ireland, Marilyn Maxwell. A Confederate spy takes the sheriff job in a lawless Union town where people are hostile to him and where a crooked saloon owner peddles rifles to the renegade Indians.

“During the Civil War , Lee Travis (Howard Keel) is hired by government authority to protect townspeople from revenge-seeking outlaws and avoid arms contraband . As a spy taking job as sheriff in small western town as a cover for his espionage activities . As Travis dons a damn Yankee uniform to pull the most daring plot of the war in the West , but he is actually a confederate spy . However, he soon finds out that a local businessman is selling weapons to a band of rampaging Indians . Once there , he has to straighten out a few bad guys who have been selling guns to the Apaches . As the confederate lawman up against gunfighters , and gunrunners as well as usual Indians . As the marshal on the trail of the smugglers is accompanied by a spy woman (Ivonne De Carlo) . Town boss (Scott Brady) is behind the crime and corruption of the little town called Colton but the townspeople are too scared to help sheriff out except for Saloon gal (Marilyn Maxwell) . In the Old west there are always the men who live breathe violence and the women who hold their breath.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis ordinary western is plenty of thrills , go riding , shootouts and suspense as the dreaded final showdown approaches and the protagonist realizes he must stand alone against impossible odds , as his fellow town people for help , nobody is willing to help him ; meanwhile he attempts to clear an issue about weapon gunrunning . This routine Western has the customary story of a sheriff-for-hire who takes the law on his own hands and based on a story and screenplay by Steve Fisher. It begins as a slow-moving Western but follows to surprise us with dark characters and passable plot . This short runtime tale is almost ordinary , a pacifier comes to a town just in time to make sure its citizenry but later the events get worse . Although made in low budget by the producer A.C. Lyles , it has its good moments here and there . Acceptable acting by Howard Keel as a Confederate spy who takes a job as marshal . Notable for the presence of old Western-movie veteran such as John Ireland , Marilyn Maxwell , Scott Brady , Brian Donlevy , Barton MacLane and James Craig . Atmospheric and colorful cinematography in Technicolor , though is necessary a remastering.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis horse opera was realized in low-budget by producer A.C. Lyles and distributed by Paramount Pictures . Lyles produced a lot of Western in short or average budget such as ¨Black spurs¨(1965) , ¨Apache uprising¨(1966); ¨Johnny Reno¨ , ¨Waco¨ , ¨Red Tomahawk ¨and ¨Hostile guns¨(67) , among others ; many of them directed by R.G. Springsteen or Lesley Selander and starred by old glories such as Dana Andrews , Rory Calhoun , George Montgomery and Howard Keel . This quickie was middlingly directed by Lesley Selander , a craftsman working from the 30s . Selander is generally considered to be the most prolific director of feature Westerns of all time, with at least 107 to his credit between 1935 and 1967 . He realized his first feature in 1936, a horse opera , genre in which he would not only excel but one where he would spent much of the rest of his career . He began in this genre with series starred by Buck Jones and ¨Hopalong Cassidy¨ series starred by William Boyd such as ¨Silver on the sage¨ , ¨Three men from Texas¨ and ¨Wide open town¨. In Republic production he directed his better movies such as ¨Panhandle¨and ¨Stampede¨ starred by Rod Cameron and in RKO he directed Tim Holt in 20 films such as ¨Rio Grande patrol¨ and ¨Overland telegraph¨. He subsequently shot B-movies such as ¨Fort Vengeance¨, ¨Arrow in the desert¨, Shotgun¨, ¨Town tamer¨ and his last picture ¨Texas Kid¨. Although Selander couldnu0026#39;t be deemed an u0026quot;Au0026quot;-list director, his movies had a professionalism and a verve that many of those made by his fellow B directors lacked . He also filmed detective thrillers , action/adventure motion pictures and even a horror film or two . Rating : 5,5 . Acceptable and passable”


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