The Fall of the Essex Boys (2013)

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The Fall of the Essex Boys: Directed by Paul Tanter. With Robert Cavanah, Kierston Wareing, Peter Barrett, Jay Brown. The rise and fall of the Essex Boys gang – the drugs, the violence and, of course, the murders. The real story is the most shocking of all.

“Not one of the best adaptations of the story. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eNothing you havenu0026#39;t seen before in the other versions, apart from the very end (which I wonu0026#39;t give away)and the slightly different viewpoint; it almost assumes that youu0026#39;ve seen or read the story before and it has the familiar milestones. The acting isnu0026#39;t too bad, but the cutting of the scenes could have been a bit sharper, and the characters could have been introduced better. Again, if youu0026#39;re not familiar with the story, youu0026#39;ll wonder whatu0026#39;s happening. It copies some story styles from other movies, but without the same care and finesse. All the versions Iu0026#39;ve seen and read about portray Tate as a psycho, but they all have the same few stories about him. He was obviously wild, but he doesnu0026#39;t seem to have been prolific in his violence, more of a show-off. It does try to be a quick fire narrative, but it comes across more as a badly edited, amateur production. Disappointing.”


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