Samurai marason (2019)

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Samurai marason: Directed by Bernard Rose. With Takeru Satoh, Nana Komatsu, Mirai Moriyama, Shôta Sometani. In 1855, a daimyo sends his men on a grueling marathon to discover if they’re tough enough to face the newly arrived Americans. Misunderstanding his intent, the Shogun dispatches assassins.

“I pretty much enjoyed this flick. It was a pretty simple story, bunch of ppl wanted to go on a healthy run, they all have their reasons, the local Lord wants everyone to be at peak physical condition after seeing the incoming westerners and their weapons, promises the winner a gift/request of their choice. Then drama. Especially that last half hour when the stakes get high and the direction gets intense. As a film its pretty engaging, as a Samurai film not like Blade of the Immortal level of swordplay, the characters feel pretty tragic and likeable. I give it my 9/10 because 6 is way too low, 8 is more accurate.”


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