Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical (TV Movie 2001)

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Jekyll u0026 Hyde: The Musical: Directed by Don Roy King, Robin Phillips. With David Hasselhoff, Coleen Sexton, Andrea Rivette, George Merritt. Musical version of the Robert Louis Stevenson story about a doctor who conducts an experiment on himself that results in his bringing out the dark, murderous side of his inner self, “Mr. Hyde”.

“OK, so David Hasselhof was not the best choice for the role, but they have to make money right? There was someone who once played the Jekyll/Hyde role perfect his name was Anthony Warlow and he is an Australian musical theatre actor. I donu0026#39;t know if he actually ever played it on stage but he recorded the first double cd of jekyll u0026amp; hyde and he was amazing! He makes Hasselhof look like a community theatre actor. Anyway, this show is worth listening through his goat vibrato and awkward stage presence if only to hear Coleen Sexton. She plays Lucy and she is incredible! Her voice is the best musical theatre has heard in years, she is a convincing actress and she is amazingly beautiful. So, check this show out for her not some beach bum.”


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