Grey Wolf: Hitler's Escape to Argentina (2012)

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Grey Wolf: Hitler’s Escape to Argentina: Directed by Gerrard Williams. With Dante Venesio, Maria Heller, Pietro Gian, Alexia Moyano. Adolf Hitler the biggest criminal in history escaped from the ruins of Berlin and fled with his pregnant girlfriend Eva Braun to a life in the depths of Patagonia, Argentina where he died in 1962.

“Well done Gerrard Williams brilliantly put together and very well told very very enlightening stuff and the music featured was fabulous …….great job by all …..I will be watching grey wolf again ……..the dramatisations of the people in questions testimony is done very well and it really brings the book to life …really opens your eyes and leaves it for the viewer to make up his or hers own mind …beutiful soundtrack great title score and really adds to the movie…as I said very well put together …really enjoyed it…have to say book goes into a lot more detail so check it out gerrard has done a great job bringing the book to life”


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