El Bumbún (2014)

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El Bumbún: Directed by Fernando Bermúdez. With Hugo Casas, Laura Garcia, Silvina Páez, Daniel Valenzuela. In a harsh, unforgiving, rural area in northwestern Argentina, the machismo, misery, and repression of the last military dictatorship frames the tragedy of Bumbún, the daughter of an alcoholic and violent axeman who forces his daughter to disguise as a man from birth. Her life will be torn between accepting this fate forced upon her or fighting to change it.

“u0026#39;We Have Always Lived in the Castleu0026#39; is a dark twisted family drama. It was about how a bunch of people trying to cope after a dreadful tragedy u0026amp; how people around them had act. It is about how lack of kindness or a misplaced concern could push people to do terrible things. Lack of sympathy u0026amp; empathy really could push people to do terrible terrible things. Taissa Farmiga was a force of nature u0026amp; Alexandra Daddario has now earn my respect as an actress. As sisters, they stay true to what usually close sisters do for one another. Sebastian Stan as expected (after I, Tonya) serving another astounding performance as a charming but hateful, sort of misunderstood antagonist.”


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