Kôdaike no hitobito (2016)

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Kôdaike no hitobito: Directed by Masato Hijikata. With Haruka Ayase, Mao Daichi, Charlotte Kate Fox, Masachika Ichimura. Who among us does not spend a portion of the time daydreaming or fantasizing? The difference is that for most when it comes to romantic fantasies the subject of our thoughts is unaware of it – or at least is not a telepath. See what happens when the rich heir to a corporate throne happens to be telepathic and responds to the vivid fantasies and sentiments of an office lady working for the company.

“Ayase Haruka with short hair. Oh no!!! Say it is not so. She will always be attractive and desirable no matter what, but why oh why did she cut her hair?? I mean all women are better with long hair (yes, I am a man), but her hair was so beautiful. WHY cut it?nThis film is worth a watch and mixes reams of animation a la fantasy within its story.”


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