Prophet's Game – Im Netz des Todes (2000)

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Prophet’s Game – Im Netz des Todes: Directed by David Worth. With Dennis Hopper, Stephanie Zimbalist, Robert Yocum, Joe Penny. A Seattle Homicide Detective (Dennis Hopper) is on the hunt of a twisted serial killer. Can he solve the killer’s game before it claims another victim?

“The most puzzling part of this film was where don swayze went. he had finished his role in the film even before the opening credit s came on. pretty strange. Dennis hopper did his best here obviously heu0026#39;s getting on u0026amp; his judgment is clouded now so no sane actor would have their mame on this film. he chases a man over half his age for about 2 minutes u0026amp; isnu0026#39;t even tired – strange cause heu0026#39;s 65. There are numerous bad takes in the film – one where a girl looks straight at the camera looking like sheu0026#39;s taking instructions from the crew. The plot rambles along with some decent twists but the idea wasnu0026#39;t worked on well enough so in the end the film is disappointing.”


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