Shang hai bao lei (2019)

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Shang hai bao lei: Directed by Hua-Tao Teng. With Shu Qi, Godfrey Gao, Han Lu, Liang Shi. In 2035, aliens have wiped out mega cities around the globe to get their main source of energy, Xianteng. Will Shanghai be able to defend itself and maybe even launch a counterattack?

“If you enjoyed Michael Bays last adaptations of Transformers you will probably like this film. The CGI is alright but as you know with a lot of recent hollywood blockbuster bombs itu0026#39;s gonna take more than that to win the audience.nI find Chinese cinema always likes to throw in a love story in their movies…. but things come acrosss as forced … the actors/actresses need to learn how to get really comfortable with each other. (Perhaps they should have all seen Qi Shu in S3X and Zen 2 in her birthday suit getting pounded by a porn star) then there is nothing to hide. Also check out S3X and Zen 2 itu0026#39;s a lot more watchable than this movie!”


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