All Joking Aside (2020)

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All Joking Aside: Directed by Shannon Kohli. With Brian Markinson, David Lewis, Katrina Reynolds, Keilani Elizabeth Rose. A young woman in New York City pursues her dream of becoming a stand up comic.

“If you watched the original show religiously as a tween like me, then this show is honestly great fun. When I heard that Sam wasnu0026#39;t going to be in the show I didnu0026#39;t plan on watching it, since she was always my favourite, but I ended up giving it a go anyway and Iu0026#39;m pleasently surprised. After such a long time since the original ended I didnu0026#39;t think it would have the same feel, but theyu0026#39;ve managed to replicate it quite well, though it is very modernized (which I personally like). Iu0026#39;ve only seen the first 2 episodes so far but it seems to be on the right track and hopefully itu0026#39;ll improve further as it goes along.”


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