Last Chance for Christmas (TV Movie 2015)

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Last Chance for Christmas: Directed by Gary Yates. With Hilarie Burton, Gabriel Hogan, Tim Matheson, Lola Flanery. Just before Christmas, Santa’s stockman must rush to find a replacement for an injured reindeer. When he locates one, complications and love ensue.

“Hallmark has sold out. Apparently mean spiritedness has made its way to Mrs Clause in this cultural cliche which includes an otherwise well intentioned cast. ( they couldu0026#39;ve cut out her storyline all together and it wouldu0026#39;ve been your typical sweet holiday hallmark love story) Mrs. Santa Claus suggests that her stableman u0026quot;do anythingu0026quot; to replace one of the ailing reindeer which leads to stealing a reindeer from a girl and her single mom. I turned it off after the kidnapping figuring that the best possible is that Mrs. Clause apologizes for her very bad behavior in the end. Personally, I can get that plot line every night on the evening news! I think Iu0026#39;ll sit out this season.”


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