Zambezia – In jedem steckt ein kleiner Held (2012)

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Zambezia – In jedem steckt ein kleiner Held: Directed by Wayne Thornley. With Leonard Nimoy, Jeremy Suarez, Abigail Breslin, Jeff Goldblum. Zambezia is a new feature film by Triggerfish Animation Studios about a young high-spirited falcon who journeys to the famed bird city of Zambezia.

“Someone is killing off industrialists with a poison that is similar to the poison of a black widow. The person behind it is the evil Sombra, a woman who is using her fortune telling business as a front for blackmail and espionage. The Clarion Newspaper assigns one of its reporters to follow a well known mystery writer,Steve Colt, that they have hired to solve the crimes. Almost instantly the intrepid pair unknowingly stumbles upon the villainess and her band and 12 chapters of action follow as the bad guys try to stay away from the good guys. Mostly unknown serial is an enjoyable romp thanks to Republic caring enough not to completely do things by the book. Instead of the usual tricks and traps that Republicu0026#39;s serial makers would lapse into in the name of saving a few pennies you have things like the chair of death where a spider like device comes out of the back to stink you to death, or cars that change color with the flip of a dial. Itu0026#39;s the equivalent to a really good B-movie that you stumble upon late at night that is completely gripping even though its something youu0026#39;ve never heard of.(Regrettably this serial is also as forgettable in the same way its good but it doesnu0026#39;t linger in the brain as anything other than a vague memory- a u0026quot;yea I saw thatu0026quot; until you put it on again and you realize how good it was). Recommended.”


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