Der Mittler (1971)

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Der Mittler: Directed by Joseph Losey. With Julie Christie, Alan Bates, Dominic Guard, Margaret Leighton. A tale of torrid and forbidden love between a couple in the English countryside.

“Easily one of the best acted, best directed and most intellectually intriguing films I have ever seen. Julie Christie is so lovely that you will never forget her. The screenplay by Pinter is impeccable, building a rhythmic alternation of times and places, an alternation that ultimately crashes together. I have seen this movie several times – like Casablanca, it just keeps getting better – and have taught it to inner-city pre-freshmen – they loved it. They were not at all used to films that try to be artistic creations, and the slowness of the pace at first threw them off. However, once we explored the multiple levels of meaning and revelation in each of the initial scenes, they became drawn into the film, caught up in its mystery and romance and fascinated by the vision of a totally alien, yet oddly familiar, world. Losey at his best is on a par with Renoir. Why isnu0026#39;t this film on DVD? Even the background music is really good.”


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